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Issue 5 of Volume 105, Acta Acoustica united with Acoustica

Issue 5 (September – Oktober) of Volume 105 av Acta Acoustica United with Acoustica, ligger her.

Der kan du lese mer om:

  • Influence of Perforated Ceiling on Floor Impact Sound Insulation in Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  • A Unified Correction Method for the Acoustic Refraction (UCMAR) Caused by a Three Dimensional Shear Layer
  • Ultrasonic Study of Molecular Interactions in Polymeric Solution of Polypropylene Glycol-400 and Ethanol at 303K
  • A Directional Converter of Longitudinal Vibration with One Input and Multiple Outputs
  • Influence of the Structure of a Gouge-Filled Fault on the Parameters of Acoustic Emission
  • Sound and the City: Current Perspectives on Acoustic Geo-Sensing in Urban Environment
  • Construction of Ground Subtracks for Aircraft Noise Calculations Using an Estimate of Lateral Flight Dispersion
  • New Investigations into Measurement Techniques Using the Pendulous Hammer to Assess Acoustic Insulation in Relation to User-Generated Noise in Residential Buildings
  • Tunable Band Gap Structures of Acoustic Metamaterials with Magnetorheological Elastomer Cladding Layers
  • Acoustic Plane Wave Diffraction from a Circular Soft Ring
  • Airfoil Trailing Edge Noise Reduction Using a Boundary-Layer Bump
  • Reconsideration on Helmholtz-Kirchhoff Integral Solutions for Boundary Points in Radiation Problems
  • A Comparison of a One-Dimensional Finite Element Method and the Transfer Matrix Method for the Computation of Wind Music Instrument Impedance
  • Reduction of Sound Transmission Through Finite Clamped Metamaterial-Based Double-Wall Sandwich Plates with Poroelastic Cores
  • Sound Source System for Investigating the Auditory Perception of Infrasound Accompanied by Audio Sound
  • MobiLab – A Mobile Laboratory for On-Site Listening Experiments in Virtual Acoustic Environments
  • Source Localization in a Deep Ocean Using the Time Difference of Multipath Arrivals

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